Update from Africa (2009)

We received the following note from George Irungu:


The year 2009 has in a way benefited from the momentum started last year in the Nairobi church. The year 2008 saw the Nairobi church realize a very encouraging growth despite a perilous beginning of that year due to post-election violence. This is clearly evident in the way this year has been so far. If all factors remain the same and the church maintains the same trend of growth, then we foresee an unprecedented growth by the end of the year.

To be more specific, since January this year, the church has witnessed 145 people confess Jesus as lord in baptism and restoration. This translates to almost one baptism/restoration every day. Our worship service attendances have subsequently continued soaring higher as the membership of the church also continues to increase. Many more weak Christians are progressively gaining spiritual strength while a notable number of lay disciples are taking up the challenge to grow and assume key leadership roles. We now have about 300 bible talk leaders who are playing a pivotal role in leadership of the church.

We attribute this prodigious growth God has given us to a number of godly-focused strategies we have been employing for the last several months. One of these strategies is the emphasis on quality and specialized worship services. Since early last year when God enabled us to had a VERYSUCCESSFUL evangelism campaign dubbed “MEET A STRANGER EVERY DAY” , we have managed to have occasional evangelism-driven Sunday services of unique focus. Since as disciples one of our core missions on earth is to seek and save the lost, this outward-focused approach has placed the church in a relevant and effective position in the overall plan of meeting the needs of the people and the communities we serve at large.

One of these worship services to which significant growth of the church is credited is what we call “FAMILY DAY SERVICE” . On this Sunday service, we mainly focus on inviting our family members from all over the country. Since Kenya is communal-based, you find that families are very tight thus the influence level among the members within that family is hence very high. For the last few months we’ve capitalised on the strong bond among families by designing services tailor-made to address family needs. This initiative has borne great fruit. One of the super regions with 77 people baptised/restored so far this year, 36 of them (almost half) are family members of disciples. This has been a very effective approach.

We also have another regular service called “ REUNION SERVICE” . On this special day, we mainly focus on bringing to church all those who used to be members of the church but for some reasons stopped coming to church. In this worship service, we extend a welcome back hand to all those willing to return to the fold and recapture their relationship with God. For those willing to come back, we take them through a series of restoration classes designed to clearly bring out God’s unconditional love as well as help them deal with other matters of personal righteousness. These services have precipitated the restoration of many disciples who are currently doing very well.

Our campus ministry has picked up so well. We have 112 campus students who have so far experienced 21 people baptised/restored from that ministry. We have 16 campus bible talks every week spread out among the campuses here in Nairobi. These bible talks have been quite outstanding and very effective since they are characterized by the three Fs: FUN, FOOD and FRUIT.

Please continue praying for us for we envision another year of spiritual and numerical growth for the glory our good Lord!