Update from Africa (2010)

We received the following update from George Irungu:

Dear All,

On behalf of Nairobi Christian Church, I wish to thank all those who sacrificed to enable the children here in Nairobi have such a memorable and special Christmas season. Words cannot accurately describe the profound impact the gifts you sent to us had in the lives of many needy children.

To make it special, we organized to have the children in age groups as they received their Christmas gifts in the presence of their parents during our Sunday service. At that point, what amazed everyone more was the quality of the gifts and the amount of time and effort put in getting the gifts across the “Big Pond”.

The congregation was in awe when I announced that the gifts were from the Triangle Churches. This was more convicting especially because the church here is fully cognizant of the fact this was the fifth consecutive year we were enjoying such special gifts – not to mention the regular support, Kenya kid support, books and clothes whenever we visit, money for land and building, among many other things. The Triangle churches have set such a great example for us to emulate.

Once again, thank you for your kind and generous hearts. We pray that our good lord will continue blessing your hearts of gold!

We love you tons.