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Explosive Bible Talks in Nairobi Campus Ministry

We received the following from George Irungu:

Despite a generic weakness in bible talks last year in the East Campus Ministry of Nairobi Christian Church, the year 2010 has started with great prospects. The last 3 weeks have seen a glorious paradigm shift in our weekly bible talks. In 3 weeks, we’ve seen 6 Campus students hold bible talks in two main campuses in Nairobi with an unprecedented total attendance of 189 student visitors.

After great prayers and consultation within the Campus Ministry, we resolved this year to employ a different strategy where we influence – through prayer and persuasion – the management of different Campuses to slot in a time for us every week in their weekly schedules. In order to sell this idea more easily, we teamed up with HOPEWW Kenya, who will be providing youth related programs while the Campus Ministry of Nairobi Church provides spiritual guidance through bible talks and individual bible study and counselling. This arrangement would allow the management to provide time for students to attend bible talks and peer education sessions in a premise provided by the college. So far, two campuses have welcomed the idea and the outcome is very encouraging.

This new approach in evangelism has truly transformed our Campus Ministry in an amazing way. The high number of visitors in bible talks has kept the campus students busy in studies, and a subsequent growth in church service attendances is a clear indication of the impact of the bible talks. We believe God has set us up for an incredible harvest in our Campus Ministry this year. To God Be the Glory!

George Irungu