Prayer List

Please note that prayer requests will be posted for two weeks.

Jan Mitchell’s mother Marty as she is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Jim McDougle and his family in the passing of his aunt recently.

Larry Perkins as he battles kidney disease.

Dashon Johnson’s grandfather having complications from surgeries in the past five weeks.

Taft Dixon and his family in the passing of his father.

Ron Cox and his family as his brother is going through end of life health issues.

Lisa Dixon and her family in the passing of her stepfather.

The family of sister Kathalene Bodison in her passing this past Sunday.

Steve Blake and family as his sister was diagnosed with cancer.

Rommel and Simone Myrthil as their father Edouard Myrthil is in hospice care.

Chris and Lucy Ward in the passing of their nephew.

Lindley Worley and her kids and extended family in the passing her husband and their father Adam.

Althea Frimpong as she continues to recover from heart transplant.

Cathy Hammond, Nancy Acree, and Kathy Beck as they continue to battle cancer.

Michael Zapata as he continues to battle major health issues.

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