Prayer List

Please note that prayer requests will be posted for two weeks.

Linda Cox and her family in the passing of her mother this past week.

Joan Mullins as she recovers from pneumonia.

Randy Janka as he recovers from Knee surgery.

Ed Jones and his family in the passing of his uncle.

Larry Wood as he recovers from foot surgery.

Pam Reefer and her family in the passing of her nephew Zion in Nashville.

Tony Derico’s mother as she deals with health issues.

Floyd Anderson and his family in the deaths of his father, sister, and aunt the past two months.

J. R. Hanamean’s mother who has been hospitalized after a car accident.

Kamilah Kelly’s mother Jackie Brown as she is in hospice care.

Karen in the Great Lakes as she battles an infectious tropical disease.

Keisha Barber’s sister Crystal as she deals with mental health issues.

Cathy Hammond, Nancy Acree, and Kathy Beck as they continue to battle cancer.

Michael Zapata as he continues to battle major health issues.

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