A Growth Vision

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From 50 to 500 House Churches

We are formulating a 10-year plan to go from 50 to 500 House Churches scattered across North Carolina. There are 100 counties in North Carolina and a house church in every county would take the efforts of all the disciples in all of our sister churches in the state. This vision would only occur if we also have a focus on training house church hosts in Jesus’ method of relational discipling and leadership building.

What is our House Church Vision?

  1. House churches are focused outward on the needs of our neighbors and Jesus’ mission to “make disciples that make disciples.”

  2. We desire to multiply our house churches by reaching every family, home, neighborhood, town and state.

  3. Oikos evangelism (household evangelism) was the predominant way disciples of Jesus lived ecclesia (church), participated in fellowship, practiced daily hospitality, and shared a communion meal on the Lord’s Day.

  4. God already has 100’s of “ecclesias” in our area: the homes that we live in! He already owns them. He has a house of apostles’ teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, and prayer every time we buy/rent a place to “live” because we are “living under the His Kingship.”

  5. Our desire every year is to ask God to grow our house church so it can reproduce to another neighborhood that grows and moves again to more neighborhoods.

  6. This vision of house churches allows us to think about all the towns in North Carolina where we can put a house church without spending significant portions of God’s money on an evangelist/mission team. We can travel and help each other as some of us have already been doing (Asheville, Boone, Jacksonville, Wilmington, etc.).

  7. Our hybrid model continues to allow us to meet together on Sundays in the large assembly as Triangle church as we move forward. We will continue to ask God and His Spirit to show us the Way as we proceed.